Expert Tree Removal Services in Portland, Maine

Trees are important features in our landscapes, and we want to preserve them as much as we can. When it comes to tree removal in Portland, Maine, don’t just trust anyone — be sure the arborist has the training and certification. Our expert arborists are qualified and well-equipped to guarantee safe and appropriate tree removal. Let us help you create a functional and impactful landscape where trees can thrive.

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Your Professional Arborists Providing Tree Removal in Portland, ME

There are various reasons why you need to remove a tree, such as its position, landscaping issues, creating an outdoor space, and more. At Audet Enterprises, our professional team can help you navigate the procedure. We offer precise, safe, and effective tree removal services for residential and commercial settings. We are a locally-recognized tree care provider that offers the most competitive prices for stump grinding, tree removal, and other services.

Portland’s Preferred Tree Removal and Arbor Services

Cutting down a tree shouldn’t be done briskly. Before making a choice, our professional tree removal team takes a number of factors into consideration. Our goal is to give our customers and community the best tree removal services, and we put a lot of effort into achieving this. No matter how big or small your trees and their debris are, we are here to assist you, from assessing tree health to stump removal. Let us help make your tree stunning and attract attention with a healthy and flourishing landscape.

Tree Health Assessment

Our tree experts can assist with routine assessments and early problem detection to preserve the health of the tree with a focus on risk assessment.

Cabling and Lightning Protection

Our cabling and lightning protection systems are installed to safeguard trees and mitigate potential damage while providing illumination to your front yard.

Tree Removal

Our tree removal process utilizes equipment and techniques to safely and systematically cut down trees that pose a risk or are no longer viable or desirable.

Stump Removal and Grinding

Our stump grinding services carefully grind the stump into wood chips to eliminate portions of the stump and allow for replanting or repurposing of the area.

Our Simplified 4-Step Tree Removal Process

Our expert arborist can help you identify the dead or hazardous trees growing close to other areas that could risk health and safety. It is our pleasure to share with you our latest tree removal projects to give you a good grasp of our work quality.


Get Started

Complete the online application form and click "Send." Our friendly staff will reach out to you promptly.


On-site Visit

Upon visiting your property, we'll evaluate the project's scope and propose tailored solutions aligned with your objectives.


Actual Work

We’ll create a plan and provide a solution that matches your preferences. We'll initiate the removal of your tree safely.


Final Check

Our experts will offer essential guidance on basic care for your trees and lawn, along with conducting a final satisfaction check.

Have a Comfortable Outdoor View with Our Tree Removal in Portland, Maine

At Audet Enterprises, we stand by our integrity, honesty, and expertise. Every work we take on is approached with a customer-first service to guarantee the client is completely satisfied. We will advise you on the best course of action for each tree removal because we don’t cut trees just by a hunch.

Don’t let a DIY strategy cut trees just because it doesn’t draw focus on your landscape. Partner with the trusted tree removal company in Portland, Maine.

What Our Tree Removal Services Can Offer To You

One of the most important factors in deciding whether a tree should be taken down or left standing is its immediate surroundings. Audet Enterprises offers full-scope tree removal and arbor services to help reduce the possibility of harm and inconvenience caused by tree risks. Let us help you build well-planned, environmentally friendly landscapes that increase the appeal and market value of your property while saving you money and effort on continuous upkeep.

Peace of Mind

Whether you need stump grinding or tree removal, our dependable tree removal provider is ready to help you with tree-related concerns by providing education and proactive response so you can have peace of mind.

Personal Oxygen Distribution

Because a healthy tree and grass release oxygen into the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide, it helps to purify the air. Our certified arborists take many factors into consideration before recommending tree removal.

Extends Outdoor Living Space

Your living area can be extended outdoors while keeping privacy with well-kept trees or a garden. Creating a healthy green space in your yard has many benefits, regardless of your level of a green thumb.

Answers to the Most Common Tree Removal Questions

What does the tree removal process involve?

Our comprehensive tree removal typically involves an assessment by an arborist, obtaining necessary permits, cutting down the tree safely, and then removing the debris. The process might vary based on the tree’s size, location, and any specific challenges.

How can I determine if a tree needs to be removed or if it can be saved?

Consulting an arborist is crucial for an accurate assessment. Signs such as extensive damage, disease, structural issues, or the tree posing a safety hazard might necessitate removal. In some cases, pruning, cabling, or other treatments might save the tree.

Is stump removal necessary after cutting down a tree?

Stump removal isn’t always mandatory but is recommended to prevent regrowth and potential hazards or to free up space for landscaping. There are various methods for stump removal, including grinding, chemical treatments, or excavation.

What services do arborists offer besides tree removal?

Arborists provide a range of services, including tree pruning, trimming, disease diagnosis, pest management, tree planting, and tree health assessments. They also offer guidance on tree care and maintenance.

Are permits required for tree removal, and how do I ensure compliance with regulations?

Permits for tree removal may be necessary depending on local regulations and the tree’s size or species. A professional arborist can help determine permit requirements and ensure compliance with local laws.

See Us in Action During Our Tree Removal Projects in Portland

To get an accurate evaluation of how seriously we take safety standards and tree assessment while providing excellent customer service, check out our latest tree removal projects.

tree removal service portland maine
tree removal service portland maine

Tree Removal and Arbor Services in Portland, ME

Tree health requires a customized strategy that takes into account local soil conditions, pests, and the landscape’s overall aesthetics. At Audet Enterprises, we provide the right attention and supervision your tree needs. Our certified arborists will diagnose and offer solutions that take Maine’s weather and other factors that influence a tree’s health into account. When it comes to tree removal services, homeowners and business owners trust only us.