Property Maintenance in Portland, Maine

Make your residential or commercial setting truly beautiful again with landscaping and property maintenance. Whether you need seasonal cleanups, overgrowth control, or getting your home or business ready for the winter, we’ll handle everything. When you partner with us, you can be confident your grounds, landscape, and lawn will look excellent all year round.

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Trusted Property Maintenance Serving Portland and Nearby Areas

Our multi-talented professionals will enhance your property’s curb appeal regardless of the project’s size. We are eager to offer unmatched results at every turn. At Audet Enterprises, our specialty is crafting personalized landscape and lawn designs that accentuate the beauty of your home or business while reflecting your individual flair.

Let our property maintenance team focus on achieving what really matters to you.


Professional Property Maintenance Services in Portland, Maine

Whether you’re looking to prevent overgrowth vegetation or yard waste removal, we offer comprehensive property maintenance services for commercial and residential needs. We’ll create a maintenance plan and perform the necessary steps that will enhance the elements of your property and yard. At Audet Enterprises, we’ll let our cutting-edge tools and techniques show you what your property really looks like after a proper maintenance service. 

Seasonal Cleanups

Prepare your landscape for each season with our comprehensive seasonal cleanup services. From clearing debris to pruning and maintaining your garden beds, we ensure your outdoor space looks its best year-round.


Get your lawn and landscape ready for the colder months with our winterization services. We protect your plants, trees, and lawns from harsh winter conditions, ensuring they thrive come springtime.

Overgrowth Control

Tame unruly vegetation and prevent overgrowth from taking over your lawn. Our expert team specializes in controlling and managing excessive growth, keeping your landscape neat, healthy, and visually appealing.

4-Easy Step Property Maintenance in Portland

Commercial and residential lawns that are neglected may start to seem weedy and spotty. You may keep the elegant and polished front yard you’ve been wanting without any hassles with our property maintenance with only four easy steps.


Get Started

Start by filling out and submitting our online form. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.


On-site Meeting

Upon visiting your property, we will inspect the grass and provide recommendations based on your goals.


Actual Work

We will design a special property maintenance program and deliver the necessary actions to keep your property well-maintained.


Final Walkthrough

Our professionals will perform a final run-over to make sure you're satisfied and will also provide advice on simple maintenance.

Make Your Landscaping Dreams a Reality with Our Property Maintenance in Portland, ME

Having a fresh yard, free from debris, will give your property a sophisticated, natural feel. Let us help you find a lot of new reasons to choose Audet Enterprises. From clearing up walkways to transforming gardens, we can create a stunning arrangement of plants and trees that turn your front yard you can’t imagine beautifully. With our expert property maintenance services, you can enjoy an outdoor space that looks pristine all year long.

Benefits You Can Enjoy with Our Property Maintenance Services

You can be confident that Audet Enterprises will take the necessary steps to keep your property looking its best no matter the season. With top-notch tools and a solid reputation for consistency and dependability, our staff leads the way in delivering residential and commercial property maintenance services in Portland, ME.

Improved Property’s Visual Appeal

Keeping a well-maintained landscape and lawn improves your property’s aesthetic appeal through regular clean-ups and dump runs.

Extends Outdoor Space

By establishing a clean and functional area, your home and business space can be expanded, giving you more space for leisure and enjoyment.

Better Air Quality

Natural shade is produced by carefully positioning trees and bushes. A greener setting makes for healthier living and working spaces.

Common Property Maintenance FAQs

Why is seasonal cleanup important for my property's lawn?

Seasonal cleanup helps in maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn by removing debris, leaves, and dead vegetation. It promotes air circulation, prevents diseases, and prepares the lawn for the upcoming season’s growth.

How do I winterize my lawn to ensure it survives the cold season?

Winterization involves several steps: mowing at the right height, removing debris, fertilizing appropriately, and aerating the soil. It’s also crucial to hire professionals to protect plants from freezing temperatures using mulch or covers.

What are the best methods to control overgrowth in my property's lawn?

Regular mowing, trimming, and pruning are effective in controlling overgrowth. Additionally, implementing landscape design elements like borders and hardscaping can help contain growth within desired areas.

How can I efficiently handle waste and debris from my property's maintenance?

Engaging a professional landscaping service that offers seasonal cleanups can efficiently handle the removal of yard waste and debris. They utilize proper disposal methods and recycling where possible to keep your property clean and environmentally friendly.

Are lawn maintenance contracts necessary, and what do they typically include?

Lawn maintenance contracts offer consistency and ensure regular upkeep of your property. They often include services such as mowing, fertilizing, weed control, seasonal cleanup, and sometimes specific services like winterization or overgrowth control based on your needs.

Recent Property Maintenance Projects We’re Proud Of

We design and install stunning landscapes that highlight the features of your home or business. Check out our latest projects, making us the trusted property maintenance in Portland, Maine.

property maintenance portland maine
property maintenance portland maine

Commercial and Residential Property Maintenance in Portland, Maine

At Audet Enterprises, we can assist you in creating and maintaining your lawn, garden, and landscaping needs. Our property maintenance services transform homes and businesses into something its owners can be proud of. Trust our team to protect you against harm and unsightly lawns. Let us help you maximize the true beauty of your property’s outdoor space. Get a risk-free estimate today!